Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Warsaw - Poland

Warsaw is both the capital and the largest city in Poland. With a population of almost two million, Warsaw is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe – the current economic boom is apparent everywhere. The city is the primary hub of tertiary-level education and research in the country and is thus the place of employment for much academic staff with outstanding qualifications in their particular fields.

As Poland’s most important academic center, Warsaw is home to almost 300,000 national and international students. Warsaw also offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for its residents and for tourists.

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

SGH Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) is one of the most prestigious universities in Warsaw and is Poland’s oldest and most renowned institute of higher business and management education. It was founded in 1906. Its purpose is to provide continuous education to economists and business leaders. SGH is celebrated for its long tradition, the flexibility of its programs to suit the needs of students, its educational standards, and the success of its graduates.

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and SGH have enjoyed a long association. This relationship forms the basis for the partnership of GSB and SGH. SGH offers a tailor-made study week for participants on our MBA courses, offering modules dealing with the subjects of marketing and sales. In addition to the academic program, participants will have the opportunity to gain intercultural skills.