Examination Board

An examination board established by the Faculty of Law and Economics is responsible for ensuring that the examination organization and procedure are carried out in accordance with the examination regulations of EMBA and MBA, respectively.

In addition, the examination board, in which all status groups involved in the GSB Mainz are represented, discusses the results of the regular and multiple evaluations of the entire study program and the courses and decides based on this, if necessary, measures to be taken.

The members of the examination board are:


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Rothlauf
Academic Director GSB Mainz and Chairman of the Examination Board
Dr. Stefanie Klossok
Managing Director GSB Mainz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Curt W. Hergenröder
Lecturer GSB Mainz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Huber
Lecturer GSB Mainz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eric Sucky
Lecturer GSB Mainz
Björn Frederik Knack
Student representative, 23rd EMBA study year
Dr. Martin Huschens
Lecturer GSB Mainz