MBA Alumni Mainz e.V.


The MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. association was founded in 2003 by graduates of the first and second year of the Executive MBA program at JGU. Since then, the association has pursued the goal of continuing the constructive, in-depth dialog with participants of the program even after they have graduated. Program alumni can thus to continue to benefit from the extensive diversity among the members of GSB Mainz represented by the breadth of their academic backgrounds and professional experience that provide for an exciting mix of very different perspectives and a broad standpoint on a wide range of issues.

MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. explicitly does not restrict its activities to GSB alumni. Instead, the association promotes the exchange between program graduates, those currently studying on the program and the program management.

In the interests of traditional networking, MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. offers all members a platform for maintaining and extending their personal and professional networks. To that end, MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. works with the GSB Mainz program management to organize regular networking events – the traditional New Year's Reception and the annual Summer Party – where current and former GSB Mainz students can exchange information on professional and course-related matters. These gatherings of executives and young professionals from a wide variety of fields offer those attending the opportunity to expand their expertise by interacting with other GSB Mainz alumni and students. The fact that different sectors come together in the MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. network means that, in addition to gaining a Master’s degree through the program, graduates can also make interesting contacts that will enable them to further their professional careers.

Furthermore, those who run MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. also consider it their responsibility to support those currently on the program by offering, on the basis of their own experience as graduates, information on courses and by providing real-life feedback on the challenges associated with extra-occupational degree programs.

In addition to MBA Alumni Mainz e.V.’s commitment to alumni and those studying at GSB Mainz, there are also regular exchanges and in-depth collaboration between the board of the association and the degree course management team. The main focus here is on the continuing improvement of the program; in other words, ensuring the practical relevance of the program content. This enables the board of MBA Alumni Mainz e.V., which is made up of executives working in numerous fields, to act in an effective advisory capacity.

Through this multifaceted approach, MBA Alumni Mainz e.V. contributes to the sustainable success of GSB Mainz and benefits all involved. Of course, to generate the greatest possible benefit for all participants, the alumni association necessarily must rely on its members.  With that in mind, we would like to invite you, as a member of GSB Mainz, to join the MBA Alumni Mainz network and also to actively participate in the fascinating and varied tasks undertaken by our alumni.

Your board of directors of MBA Alumni Mainz e.V.

Stefan Leist                                                                                    Nicole Schneider
Chairman of the Management Board                                             Deputy Chairmen