Elective module: International Management

Today’s businesses increasingly need to prevail in the face of international competition. These three courses address the various aspects of the globalized economy by considering international financial markets and regulations. The third course of the elective module focuses on strategies that can be used to successfully market innovations in the international context.

A. Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is fundamental to the appropriate management, control and monitoring of businesses. This course focuses on how corporate governance can be used to generate entrepreneurial added value. It provides an overview of the international and national rules and principles on which corporate governance regulations are based. In addition, we will be concentrating on the conduct of the players involved and how this can be influenced so that they adhere to the standards of good governance. This will be demonstrated using a variety of case studies as well as recent results of research into the ways that supervisory boards operate.

Prof. Dr. Michèle Morner, University of Speyer

B. Capital Markets

This class focuses on financial markets and provides the students with knowledge on structures, instruments, and methods of international financial markets. Relevant topics are financial derivatives like options and futures as well as portfolio and bond management.

Prof. Dr. Michael Lister, Steinbeis University Berlin

C. International Innovation and Technology Management

Technological progress is based on inventions and Engineering development, becoming economically effective through innovations. This course deals with the conditions of a systematic generation, appropriation, and cultivation of new technologies and their conversion into marketable innovations on an international scale.

Prof. Dr. Martin G. Möhrle, University of Bremen