Gutenberg School of Business Mainz

Why studying at GSB Mainz?

Decide to study at GSB Mainz

The search for a suitable part-time education program is very difficult due to the various offer. Here you will find some criteria you should pay attention to and which we fulfill:

Institution awarding the degree:
GSB Mainz belongs to the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Therefore, you acquire an university master degree at GSB Mainz.


Excellent lecturers:
At GSB Mainz only the best in their field teach with proven practical expertise.


Interdisciplinary learning:
GSB Mainz brings together participants from different fields and interdisciplinary backgrounds. This heterogeneity in the learning groups leads to a multi-layered discussion and a broad exchange of knowledge.


High practical relevance:
At GSB Mainz all contents are taught in a practice-oriented way. This ensures the direct applicability of knowledge in professional practice.


Through many years of experience in part-time continuing education, GSB Mainz guarantees a high degree of studyability of all further education offers by taking into account the professional obligations of the participants with the corresponding organization of the studies.


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has been offering part-time education courses in management for executives since 2001, making it one of Germany’s oldest and most renowned academic providers in this area. These many years of experience flow together in GSB Mainz and ensure an offer that covers all needs of the addressees.


GSB Mainz clearly focuses on the high quality of teaching. It finds its best advocates and advertising media in its graduates and can thus do without expensive marketing and promotion campaigns.


Transparency of the offer:
At GSB Mainz there is a clear assignment of contents and lecturers.


Value for money:
Due to a comparatively low overhead, GSB Mainz can offer its part-time MBA programs at a very good value for money.


Transparency of costs:
Do not buy "the pig in a poke". At GSB Mainz, all costs incurred are guaranteed to be clearly communicated in advance. There are no hidden costs.