Elective module: Health Management

Managers in the healthcare sector face special challenges. The three courses on healthcare management address the areas in which healthcare differs from other sectors.

A. Healthcare and Hospital Financing

This course highlights how healthcare systems and hospitals are financed, which incentives exist for the stakeholders involved, and how they are all to be evaluated. Outlined during the course will be various financing models and the history of hospital financing. This will be followed by a critical discussion of the current practice of financing on the basis of per-case flat rates while the consequences of this financial framework for the ways that managers in hospitals and practices operate will be reviewed.

Prof. Dr. Volker Ulrich, University of Bayreuth

B. Quality Management in Healthcare

Due to the increased pressure on efficiency and competition in the healthcare sector, quality management is becoming increasing important in the medical context. In this course, participants will learn the basics and methodologies of quality management. Patient safety, risk management and certifications in healthcare will be further topics dealt with. The focus will on practical examples and the implementation of practice-oriented tasks.

Heike Buchmann-Meimeth, Buchmann Consulting, Merzig

C. Legal Framework of the Healthcare System

The course “Legal Framework of the Healthcare System ” provides an overview of the far-reaching regulations of this legal field. The private-law relationships between doctor and patient are covered in depth, including contract and liability law as well as the laws governing medical professionals and their responsibilities, including their interrelationship with statutory health insurance law. In the course, we will also deal with the options healthcare professionals have in terms of company law, criminal law issues and questions of corruption.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Taupitz, University Mannheim