Profile of the MBA program at GSB Mainz

The MBA program at GSB Mainz

  • is a general management program
  • entails two years of study
  • is designed for participants who continue to be professionally active and offers lessons at weekends
  • is intended for young professionals
  • offers practice-relevant modules and case studies
  • prepares participants for a career at the executive level
  • extends basic theoretical knowledge and combines it with practically applicable insights to enable graduates to meet the challenges or working in the international sector
  • Aims to help participants develop a broad-based understanding of the complex interrelationship of macroeconomic processes – both in the context of individual organizations and in relation to the global economy


The MBA program at GSB Mainz is open to anyone who

  • has successfully completed a degree (university, FH),
  • is able to demonstrate at least three years of professional work experience,
  • shows personal and professional competence in an admission interview.

Applicants without an undergraduate degree may be admitted to the degree course if they can prove in an oral aptitude test at an admission interview that they possess exceptional abilities and an exceptional level of motivation.