Teaching and academic assessment


In the teaching units, lectures alternate with interactive group work and discussions. Participants will consider case studies and be involved in planning and role-playing exercises, and these will be employed whenever it is necessary to practice communication and teamwork skills. As a rule, approximately one third of teaching time will be devoted to the study of academic materials, one third to the analysis of examples of practical problem solving using the insights imparted and one third to applying this to specific issues related to the participants’ own specializations or businesses. All modules are evaluated by participants.



The Executive MBA degree course is taught in German. In the interest of an excellent learning experience, we believe that good German and no less good English should be spoken. We have made the experience that the use of German as the language of teaching results in greater precision, differentiation and better expression in the classroom. Of course, we assume a good level of English. The principle does not exclude the possibility that some of the courses will be held in English. For example, the courses "Leadership" and "Corporate Finance" are offered in English for everyone. The courses of the elective module "International Management" and the elective module "Digitization" are partly taught in English. English is spoken during the study visits abroad in Adelaide, Shanghai and Texas.


Academic assessment

... is necessary and lead to the goal. We examine during the course of studies.

All obligatory modules and at least two of the four elective modules must be completed with an examination. The examinations usually take the form of written exams or term papers. Students usually have the opportunity to choose between both. Other examination forms are not excluded. The exams for a module are written in the first course of the following module. The term papers are to be submitted one week later. The result of the course is determined by the results of the examinations for the modules and the result of the master thesis.