Opening Week

The opening week gives the entire annual intake the opportunity to interact to create the personal and objective framework necessary to ensure the program is a success over the next two years. The participants will get to know and understand each other better and learn how to work together. Three preparatory courses will help coordinate the personal prerequisites for the program and get participants ready for tackling the nuts and bolts of the following modules.

Introduction to Business Thinking – Understanding and Innovating Business Models

The Introduction to Business Thinking provides participants with a holistic understanding of companies and their various business models. In addition to familiarizing themselves and working with the business design method for business model innovation, the focus will be on experiencing and reflecting on teamwork.

Dominik Maier, Partner Innovation Consulting Orange Hills GmbH

Team: Development and Communication

One aim of this course is to teach participants communication techniques that will enable them to lead a team effectively and efficiently and, if necessary, constructively deal with conflicts. In addition, these communication and conflict resolution skills will provide the basis for joint learning within the EMBA intake by giving participants a starting point for dealing with each other on a trustful basis – the prerequisite for good cooperation – which will also enable them to recognize and eliminate potential conflicts at an early stage.

Dr. Thomas Teichler, Lukas von Hörde, Lead To Trust, Neu-Isenburg and Zurich

Introduction to Accounting

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals and interrelationships of accounting as one aspect of corporate activity while the knowledge acquired will provide the basis for rational corporate management. It will prepare participants to tackle the more complex techniques, methods and aims of corporate management dealt with in the second module.

Prof. Dr. Robin Mujkanovic, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden