Teaching and academic assesment of the MBA program at GSB Mainz


In the teaching units, lectures alternate with interactive group work and discussions. Participants will consider case studies and be involved in planning and role-playing exercises, and these will be employed whenever it is necessary to practice communication and teamwork skills. As a rule, approximately one third of teaching time will be devoted to the study of academic materials, one third to the analysis of examples of practical problem solving using the insights imparted and one third to applying this to specific issues related to the participants’ own specializations or businesses. All modules are evaluated by participants.



The MBA degree course is taught in English. All work required to acquire evidence of academic achievements must also be completed in English. The aim of requiring participants to consistently use English is to enable them to become proficient in the language in addition to obtaining specialist knowledge. They will thus subsequently be able to communicate more effectively during professional routine - particularly with regard to the various organizational processes. This will benefit them in an international business environment and fully prepare them to assume responsibilities in the global marketplace.


Academic assessment

Participants will be required to successfully complete some form of academic assessment for each module. The degree course involves continuous assessment throughout. The academic assessment can take various forms, depending on the contents of the modules participants choose to take. Modules may require participants, for instance, to sit a 90-minute written test, to write an assignment of 15–20 pages, or to prepare and give a presentation. At the end of the course, participants will be required to write a 50-page master’s thesis. The final grade awarded at the end of the degree course will be based on the grades awarded for the various modules, the project report and the master’s thesis.