Elective module: Law

Contemporary societies have complex legal structures. Both internal corporate affairs and market relationships are co-determined by legal standards. As such, managers need to be familiar with the main features of German and international private law, both of which are addressed in the three courses of this elective module.

A. Contract Law and Contract Design

The external relationships of companies are primarily contractual relationships. This course deals with the legal foundations, options and limitations with regard to the drafting and effects of contracts for domestic transactions, on the one hand, and for cross-border transactions on the other.

Dr. Christian Heidersdorf, Deutsche Verkehrs-Assekuranz-Vermittlungs-GmbH, Bad Homburg

B. Laws applying to the Supply and Distribution of Goods and Services

In this course, we will examine the legal fundamentals and structural options for national and international supply and distribution relationships. In the part dealing with laws applying to the supply of goods and services, we will assess the legal basics and look at some of the problems of practical contract formulation in supply relationships. We will then consider the legal issues that arise in connection with the various ways of creating a marketing organization. What potential systems are there? What are the legal consequences of the choice of marketing system? What form do typical contracts take?

Dr. Martin Rothermel, Taylor Wessing, Munich

C. Labor Law

In this course, we will be looking at the individual legal relationships between employers and employees with regard to the roles, from an international perspective, of professional organizations on both sides. In the first part we will consider some basic terms and the legal sources. We will then go on to deal with the formation, treatment of disruptions to and the termination of employment relationships. Finally, we will look at the framework underlying collectively agreed regulations.

Prof. Dr. Curt W. Hergenröder, JGU Mainz