Opening Week MBA program at GSB Mainz

Business Model Analysis

This course ‘Business Model Analysis’ aims to provide a fundamental toolkit for business and management students in order to be able to analyze different market situations, to identify business problems, to evaluate different strategic actions and to develop a business strategic from a managerial perspective.
After a theoretical introduction, the students will apply these theoretical concepts to solve a real-world problem. In different groups students analyze a specific managerial problem from an entrepreneurial perspective, develop different remedy strategies and discuss the recommended business strategy with their peers.

Dr. Yann Girard, Oxford Economics

Future Trends

In this course, students will apply fundamental economic theories to future trends. How are megatrends such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, sharing economy, and circular economy changing the business world? What does it mean for the companies and the economy that productivity growth has been declining in recent years? Are low interest rates a curse or a blessing for companies and what are the differences between industries? These kind of questions will be answered by means of case studies and practical business examples.

Dr. Axel Haus, Santander Asset Management Germany

Introduction to Economics

This course gives an introduction to the stylized perspective of the science of economics on how individuals and firms behave, how markets function, what they need in order to do so and what economic policy can do when they don’t. The students will also learn about the benefits and challenges of economic globalization and analyze trade-offs beween reduced inequality and efficiency. Some applications in digital economics will be discussed.

Dr. Jakob Schwab, German Development Institute

Introduction to Law

The course is an introduction to the most important questions of business law. It deals with the main features of sales law and commercial law, the drafting of contracts and the court system in Germany. It also provides an overview of the main legal aspects of company law.

Dr. Alexander Sajnovits, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz