How is the Executive MBA program at GSB Mainz organized?

This is an extra-occupational program; participants thus remain in contact with the operational processes of their organizations. The program has a duration of two years, requires 550 hours of course attendance in Mainz and a total of 90 ECTS credits are awarded.

Programs commence annually in the winter semester, and start with an induction week in September.  This is followed by the actual course program, which begins in October and extends over 18 months, ending in March of the second year. On completion of all required courses, participants are required to write a practice-oriented, academic Master’s thesis. Graduation ceremonies are held at the end of the second academic year in September.

The program is structured in five compulsory and four elective modules. The compulsory modules deal with the core aspects of management training. The elective modules offer opportunities for more in-depth study of individual fields such as digitalization. At least two of the four elective modules must be taken, but participation in all four elective modules is also possible. Each module consists of three thematically linked courses.

All courses are held in the period Friday 2:00 p.m. to Sunday 1:30 p.m. in the two buildings of the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics on the JGU Mainz campus; each comprises 21 academic hours.

The three preparatory courses during the induction week in September give participants the opportunity of getting to know each other. This is also where the foundation is laid for the intensive interaction among each academic year’s intake; this interaction is intended as it will significantly promote successful completion of the program and extend the horizons of participants.

The first three compulsory modules are offered following the induction week. Held in January is the first elective module on the main topic of “Health Management".

In general, the modules of the first academic year take place in the period October to March of the following year. At the end of the first academic year is a week-long study visit to either Tongji University Shanghai (China) or University of Adelaide (Australia).

The second academic year begins in August – after a three-month break from May to July – with the second elective module to the main topic "Digitization" and the compulsory modules  four to five. This is followed by the third and fourth elective modules "Law" and “International Management” in the period January to March 2024.

On completion of the course program in Mainz, the Master’s thesis is to be written in a 20-week preparation period extending from March 13 to July 31.

The course program in Mainz will be followed by an optional study visit to the University of Austin at Texas (USA) in March 2024, where the theme will be “Understanding China!”.

Participation in the study visit to Shanghai/Adelaide is obligatory for all participants of the program – and the costs for the academic program are included in the tuition fee. The individual travel costs are not included. Participation in the second study visit is optional. The costs for the study program will be invoiced separately.

As well the Opening Week as the study weeks at the partner universities are recognized as “Bildungsurlaub” according to the Rhineland-Palatinate ”Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz”.