Tuition fee Executive MBA program at GSB Mainz

  • The tuition fee for the course is approx. €19.500.
  • The overall costs include the participation fee for the courses in the amount of €18.180 and the semester fee in the amount of approximately €1.360.
  • The tuition fee includes all teaching and learning material as well as the costs of the obligatory study trip abroad (flight, accommodation and program), but excludes the costs of travel to and stay in Mainz. Participation in the second optional study abroad trip will be charged separately. Not included are individual travel costs. The travel costs are approximately €1.500-1.800.
  • The fee can be paid in two annual installments or in four biannual installments. Once a participant has been admitted to the degree course and the enrolment documents have been provided, a payment of €2000 will be due. This will be offset against later installments.
  • The tuition fee can be offset against tax in full as operating expenses or tax-deductible continuing education expenses.
  • The semester fee is to be paid directly to the account of Mainz University. The semester fee is determined by the University of Mainz and is currently € 337,39
  • Participants enrolled in the degree course can use all local public transport of the Rhine-Main Transport Association and the Rhine-Nahe Local Transport Association free of charge.
  • We offer reduced rates to members of JGU Mainz.



Björn Lange, Senior Manager Business Consulting at EY,  17th graduate class

»After studying business administration in which connection I found financial processes and IT to be of particular interest to me, I worked in a variety of different roles in which I developed a fascination for the concept of continuous improvement. The part-time Executive MBA program in Mainz came at just the right time to give me a solid basis for my transformation into a manager. The program not only provided me with all the relevant insights, but also gave me the opportunity to develop and enhance my personality as an executive. The Mainz EMBA program thus made contributions to my development that I could efficiently and effectively integrate into my business routine.«