Elective modules of the GSB Mainz Executive MBA program

The Executive MBA degree course is a broad-based general management program. The goal is not to train specialists. The participants of the program will already possess excellent professional skills and knowledge acquired through their previous studies as well as through years of career experience. Instead, the aim of Executive MBA program is to help participants become individuals with leadership and management styles that will enable them to face a wide variety of challenges. For this reason, the curriculum is broad and covers not only business-related content but also topics from the disciplines of law, economics, communication and sustainability.

The standard program comprises 15 compulsory courses divided into five modules. These compulsory courses deal with the core aspects of management training while four elective modules on topics such as “International Management”, “Digitalization”, “Law” and “Health Management” offer opportunities for in-depth study of these areas.

Like the five compulsory modules, the elective modules each comprise three courses. Two of the four elective modules must be completed.

Below is a brief overview of the subjects dealt with and the lecturers of the individual courses within the elective modules.