Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

The University of Mainz

was originally founded in 1477, closed by Napoleon in 1798, and re-founded in 1946. The university now bears the official title of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Its namesake was one of the most important residents in the city’s history and it thus has a considerable reputation to emulate. JGU has a modern infrastructure, is flexibly organized, is openly and purposefully managed, and can boast excellent research and teaching staff. The fields it researches and the courses it offers are continuously evolving. It analyzes the technological, economic, cultural and social developments of our time to develop both purpose- and result-oriented research projects and innovative, interdisciplinary, and internationally-oriented study courses.

GSB is affiliated with the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics,

the largest faculty of the university. Its long tradition of combining legal and economic scholarship is now standard practice in modern university education. Its concept provides for the combination of skills and the generation of synergies. Research and teaching in the faculty are broadly based with a focus on economics in the fields of political consulting and the management of digitalization. In 2019 the faculty was ranked as “excellent” by the German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche for the outstanding quality of its research and teaching and also as “excellent” by the German CHE University Ranking System in 2017 and 2018.

GSB also consistently implements its policy of continuous improvement of the quality of the education it provides. On the one hand, it employs only the best lecturers in their fields as teachers. This guarantees that the subject matter is always taught by highly qualified individuals and is always cutting-edge. On the other hand, its range of modules is consistently and continuously geared to the changing economic and social issues of the day in order to meet the current and future-oriented needs of employees and their employers. To this end, and to ensure the greatest possible practical benefit of the course for all involved, staff and directors at GSB are in constant contact with both academics in the field and with leaders in business and society.