Kick-off event for the GSB anniversary year: Digital time travel through 20 years of Executive MBA at the University of Mainz.

This year, the Executive MBA program at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz celebrates its 20th anniversary. To kick off the anniversary year 2021, GSB Mainz together with Alumni MBA Mainz e.V. invited all GSB members last Friday, June 18, 2021, to a digital time travel through 20 years of EMBA at the University of Mainz under the title: "From Overhead Projector to MS Teams - 20 Years of Executive MBA at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz".

More than 65 alumni, current and upcoming participants of the EMBA program accepted the invitation and took part in the digital time travel last Friday evening, despite the high summer temperatures.After the welcome by Professor Franz Rothlauf, academic director of GSB Mainz, Dr. Best-Klossok, managing director of GSB Mainz, took over the opening of the kick-off event and gave a short overview of the development of the EMBA program and GSB. She emphasized the especially on this evening visible and lasting solidarity of all members of the GSB Mainz to the business school, the EMBA program and the resulting special GSB Mainz spirit: "The reasons for this can be found in the way of cooperation, as it is lived at the GSB. Respectful and honest interaction, a professionally but also personally enriching experience and a well-functioning and supportive group with which one shares this experience. Top-class and demanding teaching on the one hand, on the other hand the Mainz savoir-vivre that lets you really have a good time; no glossy atmosphere, but honest work for a (university) degree that can fill you with pride." The digital journey through time was then further arranged by four speakers - two lecturers and two graduates, each of whom completed the program in its early days and in its current form. Thus, Professor Peter Witt (Chair of Technology and Innovation Management at the University of Wuppertal and lecturer at EMBA Mainz from 2001 to 2015), Professor Michael Lister (Chair of Finance, Banking and Controlling at Steinbeis University Berlin and lecturer at EMBA Mainz from 2005 to the present), Dr. Roland Strasheim (Head of the Main Department Hospital, Rehabilitation and Travel Costs of the AOK and graduate of the 3rd year) and Carlos Carranza (CIO/CMO PFEIFER Group and graduate of the 18th year) retraced in an amusing and entertaining way their history and development of EMBA at the University of Mainz from their own experience. To cool off, in keeping with the Mainz savoir vivre, a Riesling greeting from the Stenner winery was sent to the registered participants before the event.