Module 3: Operations

The activities that determine the continuing existence and success of organizations include not just the effective management of internal control and production processes but also the proficient supervision of the flow and transformation of goods in general. The three courses of the third compulsory module focus on the efficient supervision of these corporate activities.

7. Work Management

This course deals with the essential purposes, tasks and methods of Work Management, from the perspective of corporate leadership and in the context of corporate goals. Using state-of-the-art computer technologies, participants will gain a variety of in-depth insights into the options and limitations of process analysis, process modeling and continuing process optimization.

Dr. Klaus Daniel, Scio GmbH, Erlangen

8. Project Management

Project management is booming. This is because successful projects are always backed up by good project management - whether classic or agile. In the course, various project management methods will be taught in an application-oriented manner and with the help of concrete examples. Together we will clarify which approaches are suitable for which projects, which tools within the approaches are helpful and which factors contribute to successful projects. The goal is to ensure that by the end of the course participants are familiar with tools and approaches in project management that will help them to successfully implement their projects

Johanna Neuhoff, Associate Director for Economic Consulting, Oxford Economics

9. Operations Management

In this course we will deal with the configuration, planning and control of production programs, production methods and production processes on a strategic and tactical level, all with an eye to overall production goals. Participants will learn to identify and structure planning problems and to solve them with the help of business management tools.

Prof. Dr. Eric Sucky, University Bamberg