GSB Mainz invites to big Spring Event

After the many event cancellations of the past two years, GSB Mainz invited its members to a big Spring Event at Gaul`s in Laubenheim last Friday evening. The invitation was accepted by graduates and students from all 22 cohorts of the Executive MBA program as well as the two currently studying classes of the Young Professional MBA, which was founded last year. The two academic co-directors of GSB Mainz, Professor Franz Rothlauf and Professor Andrej Gill, welcomed more than 200 guests in the courtyard of the event location. The festive setting also provided the perfect stage for the presentation of this year's best teaching award for excellent teaching at the Gutenberg School of Business. The best teaching award recognizes the best teaching performance from the previous year, based on the results of participant evaluations of each course. This year, Professor Torsten Wulf, Professor Guido Friebel, and Professor Andreas Hack were pleased to receive the award. Professor Rothlauf and Professor Gill congratulated the award winners and thanked them for their excellent cooperation. With a delicious barbecue buffet and a relaxed atmosphere, the members of the GSB were happy about the reunion and used the opportunity for stimulating conversations.