Module 1: Strategy

Successful company management requires not only a mindset of entrepreneurship and strategic management but also skills in these two fields combined with strategic thinking and attitudes together with an understanding of how effective marketing is achieved. The three courses in the first module address the key essential elements of these areas of strategy.

1. Strategic Management

The “Strategic Management” course will provide an overview of essential concepts and instruments of strategic management at the corporate level. Introduced will be the core components of successful competitive strategies, insights into strategic analysis concepts and instruments that can be used to ensure a competitive strategy is sustainable and to generate strategic innovation and also methods of strategy implementation. In addition, participants will learn about the central aspects of the management of diversified and international businesses.

Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf, Philipps University Marburg

2. Marketing

This course will start with a consideration of product and pricing policy as core aspects of successful marketing, and from there we will turn to look at the facets of corporate communication and distribution policies. We will then examine marketing measures from a consumer point of view and assess the impact mechanisms of marketing options by product groups and markets.

Prof. Dr. Frank Huber, JGU Mainz

3. Entrepreneurship

An enterprising mindset represents the nucleus of all corporate activities. In the course “Entrepreneurship”, participants will explore the opportunities and risks of starting a business. We will be tracing the whole process from generating an idea to finding a market while important “tools of the trade” that can be used to implement business ideas will be taught. In addition, we will also address entrepreneurship within established organizations. Not only will the topic of corporate entrepreneurship be more closely considered but the special features of entrepreneurial activity within family businesses will also be outlined.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hack, University Bern, Switzerland